Half-Pound Granular Powder
Half-Pound Granular Powder
Half-Pound Granular Powder
Half-Pound Granular Powder

Half-Pound Granular Powder

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This half-pound variant is for business facilities who have high-volume usage on a daily basis. You can easily yield 113 gallons of HOCL solution with our 2-gram measuring spoon. Mix 1 spoon (2-grams) of powder per gallon, to create 300 ppm per gallon. Purchasing in bulk, can save you up to 50% on HOCL powder, and is the most convenient and cost-effective option for any business. 

This variant is intended for business facilities, schools, fitness centers, grocery stores and any other establishment who consume high- volumes of HOCL solution. *Not recommended for personal use. * Do not purchase with intent to resell

  • Makes 113 gallons (300 ppm per gallon)
  • $3.00 per gallon
  • Comes with 2-gram measuring spoon

Instructions for Use:

  1. Mix 1 spoon-full (2-grams) to 1 gallon of water (300 ppm)
  2. Ensure that the powder is completely dissolved before use
  3. Properly clean affected area 
  4. Spray or mist solution over affected area and allow to dry, if you wish to wipe away the solution, wipe in one continuous motion to avoid spreading contamination

Solution will last approximately 30 days (or more) when stored away from direct sunlight and in an airtight container.

This solution is safe to handle, and is more effective than bleach, alcohol, or ammonia-based cleaners, when used in accordance with its instructions.

Highly effective against viruses such as Flu, E-Coli, Listeria, MRSA, Norovirus, H1N1, Salmonella, Staph/VRE, and Pseudomonas. Commonly used on all hard contact surfaces, food/prep areas, tools, equipment and appliances.

Frequently spray or mist all targeted areas to eliminate all mold, bacteria, and spores. No wiping or PPE is generally required. Use misters to cover larger areas.


HOCLhawaii shall not be held liable for any damage resulting form handling or contact with the above products. This information relates only to the products designed herein and does not relate to its use in combination with any other material or process.