When properly applied and used as directed, our product can be safely used at home, in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and on any household appliance! HOCL will let you feel at ease in your own home as it will not leave behind any toxic chemicals, fumes, or residue. Eliminate mold and bacteria causing illness and infection, assuring a clean and toxic-free household.

Frequently sanitize kitchen countertops, sinks, cutting boards, bathrooms, showers, toilets, kids toys, pets belongings, laundry, all appliances, carpets, furniture and floors at 150-300 ppm.  

Deodorize: Spray on shoes, clothes or any household item to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

*Does not have zero corrosive effect as all products can be harmful to surfaces based on the amount of saturation and timing. It is safe for most hard, nonporous surfaces when used with appropriate recommended concentrations and not over saturated.