Food Handling

The active ingredient (HOCl) in ECA500 has been proven in numerous studies to be highly effective for disbanding E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. It is also approved by the FDA, USDA, and EPA to be especially suitable and safe on foods and is used in many production facilities as an antimicrobial for produce, meat, fish, and poultry without discolorations, harmful residues, odors, or alterations to flavor.

Food Handling uses: Food prep areas, cutting boards, all produce, all meats, food processing facilities, all contact surfaces, tools, and equipment.

Sanitization Strategy

For Food Contact: Light spray or immersion of a concentrated solution of up to 60 ppm FAC (Free Available Chlorine) on produce, followed by either a 10 minute drain step or a potable water rinse to remove possible residues.

For Contact Surfaces: Frequently spray all contact surfaces and cutting boards with a solution of up to 300 ppm FAC to eliminate all mold, bacteria and spores. Use misters in the produce department to control bacteria, molds, and fungus to prolong shelf-life salability. This will also limit the spread of pathogens from customers handling the produce.

Health Care

ECA 500 is an ideal antimicrobial in the medical field because it does not cause skin or respiratory irritation; an ideal alternative to replace harsh and harmful chemicals currently used in health care facilities. It has also been recognized by the CDC in their guidelines for disinfection and sterilization.

Frequently Sanitize: Examining rooms, waiting rooms, common areas, bathrooms, dental offices, operating rooms, laboratories, wheelchairs, gurneys & patient transport equipment, ambulances, EMT equipment, uniforms, medical instruments, trash cans, and bathrooms at 600 ppm or 1200 ppm for Hospital Grade.

Sterilization: Always follow manufacturer’s instructions and established protocols when sterilizing instruments. Clean instruments of any organic and inorganic matter before submerging and soaking instruments in a solution of 1200 ppm FAC for the recommended CDC time of ten minutes. Do not rinse and allow to air dry in a sterile environment.



ECA 500 can safely and effectively sanitize all commercial establishments, allowing a chemical-free environment for its customers and employees. From office spaces to entire malls, airlines and construction sites, you can be assured of the safe and effective use of this product.

Frequently Sanitize: Lounges, waiting areas, bathrooms, employee locker rooms and designated areas, all store appliances, all equipment, computers, countertops, and floors at 300 ppm. For larger areas use a mister or cold fogger.



HOCl has been an aid in the agricultural industry for many years. Recognized and approved by the USDA as a natural pesticide and antimicrobial, the active ingredient in ECA500 allows crops to grow organically. It has also been used to disinfect livestock living quarters and drinking waters.

Frequently Sanitize: Livestock living quarters, water troughs, crops, dairy processing equipment, food-processing equipment and utensils at 300 ppm. For larger areas use a mist of cold fog.



ECA 500 can be used with equipment like misters and sprayers to sanitize and deodorize large areas. Provides a gentle yet effective way to clean your floors, bathrooms, or hotel rooms with no discoloration or residue to carpets or upholstery. ECA500 is a safe solution for your housekeeping staff.

Frequently Sanitize: Kitchen space, eating areas, registers, menus, bars, barstools, utensils, bathrooms, lounges, and all food contact surfaces at 300 ppm. Use on foods to keep them fresher longer at 60 ppm.



ECA 500 can be safely used at home, in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and on any household appliance. It is safe to use for your kids and pets, leaving behind no chemicals, fumes, or residue. Eliminate mold and bacteria causing illness and infection, assuring a clean and toxic-free household.

Frequently Sanitize: Kitchen countertops, sinks, cutting boards, bathrooms, showers, toilets, kids toys, pets belongings, laundry, all appliances, carpets, furniture and floors at 150-200 ppm.



Safe to use on all types of animals to aid with the following ailments:

Wounds, hot spots, scratches, rashes, skin ulcers, eye discharge, cuts, burns, post-surgical sites, irritated skin and sores.

Use: A recommended solution of 100 ppm FAC will require spraying the affected areas 2-3 times a day until cured. In most cases, a complete cure will occur in less than 7 days.

With a recommended solution of 200 ppm FAC, you may also treat pet odors by spraying and brushing into coat after washing. Reduce biofilm and purify their water by spraying directly into drinking bowl.

ECA500 has no harsh chemicals and has no expected effects on either humans or animals.