Our Mission


Aloha! Welcome to the HOCLhawaii Ohana! We are here to offer you better choices to a healthier lifestyle. We want let you know that there are safer and more effective ways to sanitization that does not include chemical and plastic waste. Our oceans and landfills are being filled with millions of tonnes of chemical and plastic waste each day directly effecting our marine life, drinking water, food, and our planet. It is important for us to raise awareness of conscious living by making intentional choices that will benefit our quality of life.
We want to attract and cultivate open-minded and progressive pioneers that are willing to make a change and try something new! Together, we can evolve to help our planet and reduce our carbon footprint. HOCLhawaii wants to see our community thrive in a healthier lifestyle with less toxins and plastic waste. 


If you are picking up what we are putting down, join our team and become an HOCLhawaii Affiliate! With this, you can share us with your friends and family and earn a little money as a thanks. Find out more details on joining the HOCLhawaii Ohana via the link at the bottom of the page.

Together, we are investing in a healthier lifestyle for our future!

Mahalo for your support!